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Fundraising $11.000 - ARCI Salerno

lightapixel | May 7, 2020, 4:26 p.m.

The first fundraising has started in support of ARCI Salerno, an association at the forefront in Campania region (Italy) to help immigrant and people in need.

Arci Salerno is a territorial branch of the homonym second level national association, one of the largest structures of civil and social participation in Italy, born in the postwar period based on the experience of the People's Houses and mutual societies. It is a non-profit association (ex law 383/2000), second level, and was formally established in 1993, although already operating at an informal level since the 1960s in Salerno and province, as an autonomous branch of ARCI Federation, in particular to coordinate the local network of ARCI clubs.

From the mid-80s until '95, ARCI Salerno became the protagonist of the Salerno cultural scene promoting a decade of live concerts and music reviews embracing blues and ethnic music, bringing to the city artists of international relevance, true "icons" of contemporary music, such as BB King, the Blues Brothers, Chick Corea, Bo Diddley, Salif Keita, Noa and many others.

In the period '95 -'96, the association inaugurated the first major project in Salerno to promote unpublished art and young artists: "Call to the Arts". About 300 young people, visual artists, theater companies and music bands, participated in the census and more than 100 people animated the several initiatives promoted in Salerno and province.

Since the 90s the Association has been dealing with immigration and promoting multiculturalism on a regular basis: a long journey to raise awareness, combat racism and xenophobia (participation in the first anti-racist Forum in Salerno), organize traveling exhibitions and, since 2002 , manages an orientational help desk for immigration (“Tam Tam”), one of the first initiatives in Campania region, which is still active today. Promoted and financed by the Municipality of Salerno as part of the Social Zone Plan, the "Tam Tam" counter has been operating for almost 20 years and became a point of reference for the resident immigrant population.

Simultaneously, ARCI Salerno has dealt in recent years with refugees and asylum seekers (13 years of management of the local reception project integrated within the SPRAR network), as well as social and employment inclusion of victims of human "trafficking" and combating the racket of the sexual exploitation of women (the "Fuori Tratta" Project, still active, financed by the Prime Minister's Office, Equal Opportunities Department).

ARCI Salerno has also promoted free courses for the achievement of the OSA qualification reserved for immigrant women, and, for twenty years constantly promote free italian literacy courses reserved to immigrant citizens. For years ARCI Salerno has also been dealing with children at risk, education for peace and multiculturalism (through workshops in schools and extracurricular activities) and fighting educational poverty.

In addition to the activities carried out with the support of public and private bodies, the Association, which can count on about 1000 members and a dozen adhering clubs distributed throughout the provincial territory, constantly promotes voluntary activities to raise human and social awareness on the territory , thanks to the work of both its own clubs and the provincial committee.

Among the other initiatives, ARCI Salerno launched popular petitions such as "Cittadini a Metà" (for the administrative vote to "long-term resident" immigrants), "A che gioco giochiamo" (to reserve a space for children in the historic city center), and the 'Covid-19 emergency fundraising).

During the epidemiological emergency, ARCI Salerno, with its volunteers, worked and still works in the area of the historic center of Salerno, supporting the large immigrant population present in the area, helping the families and the children to access online schools and providing assistance for the economic support supplied by the Government and local authorities.

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